maandag 22 mei 2023

Sunday June 4th: 12Buff Plays @ Belmondo festival Wageningen!

 At Sunday June 4th upcoming 12Buff will play at the Belmondo festival Wageningen 9th edition!

We will be happy to play this one, next to lots of other bands at 4 stages:-)

Starting at 13.00u the first bands will play, check the Program

If you want to see the 12Buff show don’t be late, we start at 15.25u till 16.00u at stage 2:-)

Be there, it’s going to be awesome!

See you fellow Buffers!

donderdag 2 maart 2023

Another Battle of the Bands Final for 12Buff @Fulcotheater Ijsselstein! Coming Sat march 4th!

 In between writng and rehearsing new songs (to be recorded soon) 12Buff played an audition t Fulcotheater Ijsselstein to get though to the Finals. And we did!:-)

Coming saturday march 4th we will engage with another 5 bands to win the Battle and to get to play at festivals coming up in Ijsselstein soon! Tickets are free but need reservation at Fulcotheater.

Love this venueđź’“!!

Let's go! See you there!